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Well not everyone is paid to think, everyone has an opinion and there is always the comments section. :)

When struggling in my life and part of my prodigal path, I learned that my identity is not what I do. My identity needs to be in Christ. Otherwise I am defined by failures, mistakes and horrible sins along with personal successes. Going forward, not everyone wanted to hear my thoughts on Christ. You must be in a similar situation. Growing up in a multiple pastor home there is incredible pressure to be perfect or at least present yourself that way. Impossible task. In fact, in our humility and mistakes allows us growth and others to grow with us.

With regards to "quiet quitting", I think there is more to this issue than just the click bait title. Lauren Southern makes some good points of how working in the same capacity is different for this generation. I'm not making excuses but I do feel this issue has more grey area that people do not want tot discuss.


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