"Think about this, all of us also have strong tendencies to build echo chambers. That’s the purpose of things like social media. Social media allows us to create echo chambers: virtual rooms where the things we think, feel and do are further confirmed by a feedback loop. We often want to make sure the things we read, watch, and learn about support only the belief system we already have.

Supported and encouraged by such an echo chamber, you and I may believe that our pre-existing worldview is so good, so complete, that Jesus agrees with us too. We believe in him, don’t we? Of course, I buy in to the way Jesus thinks, so I’m pretty sure he also buys in to what I think too.

If we’re honest with ourselves, we’re looking for a god that agrees with us."

- Solid, Josh!!

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“The Kingdom is about action. And unfortunately, many churches and Christians are just about belief. They don’t consider whether their beliefs line up with their actions. Belief matters, but it only matters to the effect that our beliefs are translated into actions.” SOO GOOD!! I also loved the part that said churches focus on belief, but that is the starting point. So good!!

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